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Embracing God's Grace

Grace… God giving to us what we need (salvation and eternal life), and not what we deserve (death and destruction).

The choice we make to sin; to choose that avenue that leads away from God and His grace, is like electing to drive my car over the rim of the Grand Canyon. The view may be majestic, the descent exhilarating but the sure truth is that such a choice leads to destruction. And you can’t change your mind halfway down. Clearly, this is a ridiculous example but so is the choice to turn away from God and the life He offers to follow our own whims and fantasies, denying God’s role as our Creator and the Sovereign Lord of ALL.

We are not less when we reach for more. Hmmm, let me be more specific… we are not less when we reach for more of God, when we yearn to be what He has created us to be… His image bearers. It’s so much more than a look-alike venture. Rather, through time spent with the King of glory, it is the very goodness of God infused into every atom, every cell, every fiber of our being by the Holy Spirit who indwells us.

Grace… I am no longer what I was, and that which I appear to be today is not God’s final answer. One day in the near future, I will leave this body of flesh and bone, in its disheveled and broken state, and I will be raised in the same resurrection power and glory of my Lord Jesus Christ. I didn’t earn and don’t deserve such hope, it’s a grace… a grace extended to all who will believe and trust Jesus as their Deliverer, Redeemer, Savior and Lord.

It is well with my soul. mph

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