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It's a Beginning

Seasons of life ebb and flow. As we recognize that we may be catching glimpses of the final season, we may want to do some sharing. I am embarking on such a journey. I have tried previously; perhaps it was ill-timed. Perhaps writing is for the welfare of my soul and not for the consumption of others. I do not know.

But I am absolutely sure that I want to magnify my Lord Jesus Christ. I want to pursue Him on this journey with all passion and fervency. I want to know Him more intimately and in greater truth than ever before.

I am not a professional ANYTHING. I'm just a pilgrim; simply a common individual traversing time, encountering challenge, attempting to walk faithfully and end my race in good standing.

Lord I pray for grace to walk, faith to believe, compassion to share, and the anointing of Your Spirit to know when, where, and how. May I humbly serve You.

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May 07

A good beginning. May Jesus guide your words to encourage and empower!!!


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